Monday, June 9, 2008

Chris de Burgh


That was weird.

So…yea…music. Music music music.

I love it.

My favorite musical artist has to be Chris de Burgh. If you know me for any length of time, you end up learning this sooner rather than later. I’ve given up trying to get people to listen to his music. If they happen to hear a song they like, great. If not, no worries.

He’s an Irish rock/pop musician who was born in Argentina. He started out in 1974 and is still going strong. The last song on his debut album was called Good Night. In it, he referenced or named each of the other songs on the album. On the title track of his latest album, The Storyman, he did something similar. While he didn’t mention EVERY song, he hit upon the highlights.

The first single, One World, could easily have been on any of his previous albums. It crystallizes the message that he’s been broadcasting since the beginning: We’re living in one world, sleeping in one world, dreaming in one world, working in one world, breathing in one world, laughing in one world, crying in one world, hoping in one world, praying in one world, trying in one world.

More on Chris later.

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