Monday, June 2, 2008


So I've tried one of these before. twice actually. We'll see if the third time is, in fact, the charm. One on my neglected website ( and one on myspace. I'm sorry but I never got the whole myspace thing. Even with my neanderthal-esque computer skills, I was able to create a website 1000 times better than anything on myspace. The ONLY advantage I see to it is that it's a common place for people to gather and interact. But I've always seen writing as an art. It can be done by all but that doesn't always mean it's art. I saw a button at Fanimecon this year that read "just because no one understands you doesn't make you an artist." heh. I'm also reminded of something George Carlin said in regards to sports. I'll paraphrase here because I don't see a button which allows me to upload audio...hmm...nope, nothing obviously apparent. Okay. So he said, Running. Running isn't a sport!! My mother can run. You don't see her on the cover of Running Monthly!!

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