Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Solstice

Ah, Summer. The Summer Solstice arrived on Friday at 4:59PM local time. It is now officially summer. We are closer to the sun now and the days are longer. While I prefer heat to cold, sand to snow, I do admit that I enjoyed summer better when I lived in a home with air conditioning. Baseball’s in full swing. BBQs are frequent. Of course, I have friends who BBQ year ‘round. Hey…it’s California. The beach beckons. Weddings, especially the outdoor variety, occur with regularity. School is out for some and just beginning for others. The newspaper ads are filled with swimsuits, fans and sunblock. Long standing produce stands offer a bounty of summer fruits and vegetables such as sweet white corn, strawberries and softball sized nectarines. The theaters are filled with summer blockbusters and long awaited sequels. It almost makes shivering through winter worth it.

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