Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Do Not Attempt


So what does it say about our society that we need disclaimers that read “Do Not Attempt.” Does it go back to the irresistible “Caution: Wet Paint” signs? Or is it just a result of having more lawyers than cockroaches in this country? Advertising agencies are always trying to get our attention. Stunts, talking animals, CGI, all in an attempt to sell products. It seems that more and more, you see these outrageous commercials with a tiny disclaimer at the bottom saying “Do Not Attempt.”

You see one where a lady has put her refrigerator on railroad tracks in order to justify buying a new and improved one. You see another taking a wrecking ball to hers. Do we REALLY need to put in writing the caution that we should in no way try to do these things?

Maybe it was the hot coffee spilled in the lap of some lady in her car that sparked it all. Drive up to a fast food restaurant and you see signs that remind you that coffee is hot. Duh!!

The funniest one I saw was a Volkswagen commercial that showed the cars driving down the street on 2 tires…the FRONT 2. And at the bottom of the screen, “Do not attempt.” Just how the FUCK do they think we would even try this?!?

Are we getting really stupid? Too quick with a lawsuit? I heard Rome was like this near the end. Of course, I heard they were developing rap as well so it may have just been a coincidence.

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