Thursday, June 12, 2008

...from a certain point of view

Obi Wan spoke these words to Luke in Return of the Jedi. Regardless of your opinion of Star Wars (and/or the fans), this single line of dialogue speaks volumes. Most, if not all, of the tenets we see as basic common sense are coloured by our life experiences. These experiences help to develop our outlook on life as well as our attitudes. I remember the following poems from one of my favorite periodicals: Games Magazine:

The Pessimist

That deep red rose -- I see its thorn.
I just ignore the scent that's borne.
To me it's nothing. I deplore
Those scratches that I got before.
I just complain about the pain.
A lot I think of beauty's gain!

The Optimist

That deep red rose I see;
Its thorn I just ignore.
The scent that's borne to me --
It's nothing I deplore!

Those scratches that I got --
Before I just complain
About the pain a lot,
I think of beauty's gain.

-- By Mary Youngquist

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